Bespoke Design and Scripting

Every treasure hunt that we present is personalised to the individual client, location and event theme or objective. Whilst we love our popular hunt routes, designing a tailored hunt specifically around your business, clients suppliers or whatever is important to you gives us a buzz and we believe that you will get so much more value and engagement out of your participants.

We have a truly knowledgeable team with over 25 years’ experience of scripting great treasure hunts so that we can ensure each event is scripted around the company’s brand and its people, delivering an event that looks and feels that it has been designed especially.

Adding in bespoke elements can mean including anything from collecting clues from suppliers to visiting competitors’ locations. We will spend time understanding your business and what will work best for you and leave your guests with a smile on their faces.

And the really good news is that we don’t charge a penny more for this extra work, since we believe in good ideas and most importantly communicating your brand or business objectives through events.

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