Overseas Events

From Berlin to Brussels and from Calais to Capetown, the world is our oyster when it comes to our pursuit of the prefect treasure hunt!

Organising an event overseas has it’s own set of challenges without having to be worrying about sourcing great ideas for keeping delegates or incentive groups busy and entertained outside of the main programme.  Language barriers and the lack of your little black book of trusty suppliers up your sleeve can make matters even more challenging.

That is why our Treasure Hunters team has been sent far and wide to design and run great events in France, Germany, Ireland and Morocco, to name but a few.

There is no better way to give groups a flavor of any city, than sending them out on foot, in taxis or minibuses to answer clues at major historical buildings and iconic landmarks, where the language barriers often add to the fun and complexity of the task in hand!

Our Making Movies and Ultimate Treasure Trail are two of the most popular formats for overseas treasure hunts, and we are dedicated to ensuring that this part of your international event is where you really let your hair down and let us take over.

We will, quite literally, travel to the ends of the earth to design an exciting and unexpected solution for your event, so please do call our well-travelled events team on 0207 870 9303 to discuss your brief.

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