Team-building ideas

Team Building Ideas

If a treasure hunt is not for you, we offer a range of other creative corporate team building activities in London.  The city has hundreds of great venues where these events can be staged, all of which are designed to add a colourful and fun element to a conference or as a stand-alone event.

Our approach to team building in London and team participation events is far from the traditional military-style muddy outdoor challenges, where teams need to negotiate an imaginary minefield armed with planks and beer crates, although if that’s your idea of heaven then we certainly can!

In fact, we are a lover of creating inspiring team building days within the great indoors, where our events can deliver a great atmosphere, camaraderie and entertainment, in any season and whatever the weather.

Here are some of the most popular corporate team building events London offers, all of which – like our treasure hunts – can be delivered in any venue in the UK and overseas.


This table-based challenge is the perfect for a conference ice-breaker and energizer without feeling forced or cheesy.  Each table is given a box of 50 mini challenges to complete in an hour. Ever tried to build the Eiffel Tower out of spaghetti and marshmallows, spinning three plates or sticking a knitting needle through a balloon without bursting,? No? Well this is your chance to! A high energy, fun filled hour and one of the best team building activities in London, which will inject a huge dollop of adrenalin and enthusiasm to your event.


This collaborative game involves the whole audience creating a unique giant artistic masterpiece based on the company’s ethos, brand or conference messages and is one of the best team building activities London based companies can use for boosting morale and loyalty. Each team needs to paint two sections of the artwork, but will the colours match and can they piece the giant jigsaw together in time to create the Masterpiece? The challenge requires teams to work together in order to achieve a joined up picture and the results always look fantastic. We find lots of uses for the finished design from a set backdrop to the conference to a piece to hang in your head office.


This is the ultimate quiz night with a series of video and audio rounds presented by our quizmaster.  These quizzes are even more fun when they include rounds about the company and its people (Name the Grown Up is one of our favorites as we display childhood photos of 10 staff!). When it comes to team building, London Quiz Nights deliver great value and are a great conference ice-breaker, a filler between courses over dinners or just an excuse to add an activity to the staff social.

When it comes to team building activities, London has some of the best venues and landmark locations for staging these events, so please visit Venue Search London to find the best location for your next London team build.

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