The Chase

If you fancy more traditional ‘get stuck in’ team building – then this is for you. This popular team building challenge combines a treasure hunt with a series of fun team challenges.  The only problem is that the teams need to find these hidden challenges in order to complete them!

There are hundreds of challenges to choose from including duck herding and Rage Buggies, to less physical challenges including music quizzes and wine tasting.

The Chase can include any form of team transport, depending on the events location.  We have run the Chase using Landrovers on Exmoor, luxury hire cars for out-of-town hunts or a good pair of trainers for Chases set in hotel grounds.

Teams collect points for finding the task points and bonus points for answering other cryptic clues and for collecting a series of bizarre scavenger items on their travels.

The Chase is best staged for groups of 30 – 100 and requires a three to four hour game time. The Chase challenges require full on enthusiasm, a ‘go for it’ attitude and we guarantee will result in a smiling team, win or lose!

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