The Mini Adventure

Think Italian Job, then think lush, green English countryside, add a dollop of competitive nature and you have our Mini Adventure. Hands down one of the coolest ways to bond a team, along with a great way to see the great British countryside. Teams set off to solve a series of intriguing clues set on a route through villages and small towns in search of their mystery destination.

This is a flexible car treasure hunt that can start and finish anywhere in the UK, although our London to Brighton Challenge is one of our most popular Mini Adventures, as let’s face it finishing with fish and chips on the beach is a pretty cool way to end any event.

We deliver a fleet of Minis to the start point and you can use any of your team members to take the wheel, as you set off armed with a map, clue book, camera and a refreshments hamper to keep you fully fuelled as you try to stay on track and keep the answers from the other teams throughout this iconic in car treasure hunt.

Our Mini Adventures are always individually scripted to your chosen route and can be personalised to your brand and objectives.  They are suitable for groups of 20 -60 guests and can be designed to last between two and six hours.

Let’s face it – who wouldn’t want to do this??

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